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Wanting to put my creative juices to something that matters, I’ve started this blog to help you lead a healthier lifestyle. If you love yoga, pilates, meditation, all things fitness, nutrition, trends/current affairs you’ll feel right at home here. I want you to believe that this Wellness industry has open arms for everyone and you don’t need to be a certain type to feel HEALTHY, HAPPY, HAVE VALUE, RESPECTED and LOVED. I’m all about BALANCE and HONESTY. I want to build an encouraging community of supportive women.

Law graduate and having spent my early twenties slaving away at a top professional service firm, I was over-worked and braindead. Training for a marathon (distracting myself from the bigger picture) saw me fall in love with Yoga. It was a true stress releaser and more importantly at the time an injury preventer. With my industry still suffering from the BIG recession, led me say f*ck it and I became a Yoga Teacher. Overtime I have completely emerged myself into the Wellness industry and achieved some pretty incredible things that I’m proud of.

And now I want to help you immerse yourself in a world of health, wealth, laughter and balance.

Through Yoga, Pilates, Reformer, Meditation (studios, rooftops, private, corporate), building a community (particularly Women) and Wellness Events, I have helped so many people in their journey into becoming their true self. AND I LOVE THAT. But I’m also learning from YOU and learning as I go along. I learn something new from the people I teach and work with. AND I LOVE THAT.

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